Here download this example. Don’t forget that responsive-xili is a child theme, responsive theme must present in the themes folder.

Most recent sources of example are now available in dev-xiligroup github repository. Need xili-language 2.10+ and Responsive 1.9.4+ …

Below find links for downloading older elements described on this site :

Child Themes
  • Previous version for xili-language version 2.8.8+ and WP 3.4.2, 3.5+ – Completely rewritten…
  • Before updating – VERIFY that version 2.8.8 of xili-language plugin is installed !!
  • responsive-xili v193 Updated for Responsive 1.9.3.x (.zip 220kb 2013-05-13 – NEED XL 2.8.8)

As for twentyten or twentyeleven, or twenty twelve : it is here an example ‘as is’ containing all the main elements to transform a ‘translation ready’ theme in a multiingual theme powered by xili-language and to explain how it is transformed via the child theme.

twentytwelve it is here !

WebSite under construction: be patient !

7 comments on “Download
  1. Ahmet Aris says:


    Thank you very much for this child theme first of all. It is very useful and efficient to use. I’m having a problem in translating the custom front page, specifically headline, subheadline and content area. How can I translate them, so that people can see them in two different languages? I tried to modify the child theme but could not be successful. If you could help, I would be appreciative. Thanks in advance.

  2. Ahmet Aris says:

    Hi again,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I installed xili-dictionary file and created the translation file. But the thing is, the translation file, which is in my case, does not have anything related to the text I enter to the custom front page, headline, subheadline and content area. It includes translations for the wordpress theme but not for the content I think. Maybe I’m wrong or doing somethings wrong.

  3. dev xiligroup says:

    Have you create new msgid with each text added for your custom front page ?
    msgid must the english text (like core WP)..
    After you do the translation (msgstr) and after you build the… You must work like that because the theme save these datas in options, and the xili child theme add a live translation function for each one… (see front-page.php)

  4. Ahmet Aris says:

    Thank you so much for your help. I will try and give feedback. Thanks a lot.

  5. Ahmet Aris says:

    Hi again,

    Unfortunately I could not achieve it. I think, I didn’t understand what to do properly. When I look at the home.php in responsive-xili, what I see is:

    <?php $options = get_option('responsive_theme_options');
    // First let's check if headline was set
    if ($options['home_headline']) {
    echo '’;
    _e( $options[‘home_headline’],’responsive’); // options translated must be in
    echo ”;
    // If not display dummy headline for preview purposes
    } else {
    echo ”;
    echo __(‘Hello, World!’,’responsive’);
    echo ”;

    So how will I create the msgid and msgstr for this? Will it be like :
    msgid “home_headline”
    msgstr “My headline in English”

    in the file?

    • dev xiligroup says:

      imagine that your input in theme settings (theme dashboard/admin) for the item “home_headline” is “My headline in English”, in the po (compiled after in mo) the msgid must be “My headline in English” and by example in the french local-fr_FR.po the msgstr must be “Mon entête en français”… Remember that the msgid must exactly the same as the root text because php gettext WP translation process uses it at a key !!
      A core key of xili-language is this mechanism used (but not in realtime) by translation ready localisation approach !

      Good work